Notification to E-File Participants

07/13/2022 3:25pm

Please be advised our staff are sending informal settlement offers daily. If you receive an email notification that an offer has been extended, please understand that the database can take up to 24 hours to update. If the settlement offer is not viewable once signed into account, please hold off on contacting our office until a 24 hour period has expired and the offer is still not viewable.

Again, we appreciate the patience all property owners have extended our office throughout the process.


06/02/2022 10:40 am

Property Owners with questions relating to properly navigating through the Online E-File Portal are encouraged to view the short "How-to" videos provided. Answers to many questions can be found through the viewing of these videos. Scroll down this page to view the available videos.

Please know the intent of the E-File Portal is to provide property owners with a convenient method of conducting the informal appeal portion of the protest process. Unfortunately technology does not always cooperate and users may encounter instances that require our assistance. When this occurs please contact our office to notify us of the issue so that we may work with our software provider identify a resolution.

If you encounter any issues, please forward them to or 830.303.3313 Ext. 338


Welcome to the GAD Online Appeal Portal (E-File)

We appreciate you taking the time to review this convenient option to appealing your recent Notice of Appraisal. This remote option provides eligible property owners with the ability to file their appeal(s) electronically. Once an appeal has been successfully submitted a staff appraiser here at the office will begin their informal review. Property owners are able to upload evidence that supports their position, review evidence uploaded by their assigned staff appraiser, and choose to accept or decline the conclusions of our staff appraiser. Please be assured, choosing to file an appeal via this online portal does not mean you are unable to proceed to a formal hearing, if you decline the informal settlement offer extended to you by our staff appraiser. If we are unable to resolve the appeal informally, we will forward your appeal to our scheduling staff for a formal hearing with the Appraisal Review Board (ARB). You will be contacted by phone with available dates and times to present your appeal to the ARB. Presenting your case to the ARB can be handled via teleconference, sworn affidavit, or in-person here at our Seguin office.


Ideally, we will be able to address your concerns, related to the reasons stated within your notice of protest, with minimal impact to your normal daily activities. As is the case with statistical analysis, valuation models used within the mass appraisal of large populations of comparable properties creates a spectrum. Our annual goal, through the reappraisal process, is to narrow the margin of error within our results. Unfortunately, some properties will fall outside those confidence intervals and require an appeal. The informal hearing process is a great tool in that respect. As an organization, we welcome the opportunity to review and, where necessary, correct an error in the indicated market value of one's property. In 2021, our staff appraisers were able to resolve  89% of all online portal submitted protests during the informal hearing stage of the appeal process. Of those resolved informally, property owners accepted settlement offers that averaged $22,592 below their initial noticed value. Additionally, the appeal process opens the lines of communication between our staff and the owners of property we appraise. This discovery period, more often than not, results in our office having a more complete picture of the owners' property and they of our reappraisal process.


In an effort to assist returning users and those first time users, of our online appeals portal, a number of videos have been provided below to aid the property owner throughout the process. Our staff members are managing high levels of telephone traffic during this period of time and getting an answer to your question could be delayed using this option. We recommend all users with questions view these videos prior to contacting our office. Often most issues encountered by users of the portal can be addressed through the viewing of these short videos. For those instances where the videos did not provide a resolution, you may call or email our designated staff members (provided below) in an effort to address your needs.


How To Videos - Online Appeals (E-File)

New Users - Registering a New Account

Filing My Appeal - New and Returning Users

Uploading My Evidence

Viewing Appraisal District or CAD Documents

Viewing Settlement Offer - Accept or Decline


E-file Portal

A majority of property owners will be eligible to file an appeal in 2022 through the use of our E-File portal. If you receive a 2022 Notice of Appraised Value with a valuation less than $5,000,000, you are most likely eligible.  For those eligible property owners, a set of instructions should have been included with their notice providing instructions on the process. Please read the instructions carefully and, if necessary, view the videos provided above on how to navigate the online appeal process. Once you are ready to get started, tab the link below. The deadline to file a timely appeal through our E-File Portal expires on May 16th. 


**Update 07/16/2022**

As of this posting, a total of 1,885 appeals remain to be reviewed and provided an initial settlement offer.  Our staff appraisers are working through these appeals in as timely a manner as possible. When you receive notification that an offer has been extended, please review the offer and indicate whether you accept or reject it.

Our office is tentatively scheduled to certify the appraisal roll on next Friday, July 22nd. Any unresolved online appeals at that point will be managed via email or telephone correspondence due to functional utility of portal becoming unable to facilitate communication once the certification process occurs.

The change in portal communication between property owner and the district does not impact the property owners' appeal. Property owners will still have their concerns addressed initially through an informal settlement offer and, if rejected, an opportunity to proceed to a formal hearing with the Appraisal Review Board.

Property owners lose no rights provided by the Texas Property Tax code to continue their remedy options, relating to appealing their 2022 valuations.

Our office appreciates the patience of all property owners that chose to use our online portal option this year. This option will be a key tool in servicing the property owners of Guadalupe County as we grow in the years to come. The delayed turnaround time experienced by most filers this year was do in large part to the increased volume of submitted appeals, both online and through traditional methods. Our management team will make the necessary changes in staffing levels and/ or processes to provide property owners with timely service in addressing their valuation concerns. 


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***PLEASE BE ADVISE, Property owner are not able to schedule hearings through the online portal. When an Appraisal Review Board hearing becomes necessary, our staff members will make contact with a property owner to schedule a formal hearing***

For assistance related to our online appeals portal, please contact (email or phone) one of the staff members listed below.