A.R.B. Members

The Taxpayer Liaison is accepting  Applications and Statements of Qualification for

2018-2019 Appraisal Review Board candidates.


Become an Appraisal Review Board member

The Taxpayer Liaison is accepting Applications and Statements of Qualification for consideration from candidates seeking appointment as Appraisal Review Board (A.R.B.) members for the 2018-2019 term.  There are three A.R.B. vacancies for the 2018-2019 term.  Applications and Statements of Qualification are available online at: http://www.guadalupead.org, at 3000 N. Austin St., Seguin, Texas, or by calling 830.303.3313.    The primary responsibility of the A.R.B. is to weigh evidence and provide resolution of matters relating to appraisal of property and exemptions.  Individuals seeking appointment must be available for hearings at 3000 N. Austin St., Seguin, Texas.  Meetings are typically held 3-4 times per month, except during the months of April-August, when the A.R.B. must convene several times a week.  Hearing times typically begin at 9am and end at 5:00pm.  Additionally, hearing times may be extended to include evening and weekends.  Applicants are encouraged to have real estate or appraisal knowledge or background in law; however, this is not a requirement.  Applications and Statements of Qualification must be submitted no later than October 1, 2017 to:


Click here for applications and statements of qualification for consideration as an ARB member.

Documents must be submitted to:

G.A.D Taxpayer Liaison

3000 N. Austin St.

Seguin, Texas 78155


A.R.B. Member Title
Ronald Heinemeyer Chairman
Drew Engelke Vice-Chairman
Michael Del Leon Secretary
Robert Cantu Member
Herman Harris  Member
Rick Abrameit Auxiliary Member

A.R.B. Hearing Procedures

A.R.B. Rules of Order

The ARB's Role in the Property Tax System

The appraisal review board (ARB) is the judicial part of the system. The ARB is a separate body from the appraisal office and serves a different function. It hears and resolves disputes over appraisal matters. This is a very broad and important responsibility, but the ARB must be sensitive to its legal and practical limits.

First, the ARB only has authority over matters submitted to it. The ARB has no role in the day to day operations of the appraisal office or in appraising property.

Except where it is deciding a protest, challenge or a correction motion, the ARB has no authority to change a value or correct the appraisal records directly. In a challenge, it must order the chief appraiser to reappraise or correct the records related to the challenge. Only in resolving taxpayer protests can the ARB make changes or set a value on its own. Such a change only affects the property in question.