Administrative Personnel

Members of the public requiring assistance related to issues that are not associated with determining the market value of real estate, such as: changes to ownership, mailing address changes, homestead exemptions, over-65 exemptions, disable person exemptions, disabled veteran exemptions, mapping, tax agent authorization, Appraisal Review Board hearings, etc. are advised to contact the appropriate individual(s) outlined below.

Type of Assistance Contact Contact Email
Change Requests & Residential Exemptions Sandra Ceniseros
(Ownership, Mailing Address, etc.)    
Property Tax Consultants & Disabled Veterans Exemptions Beverly Forcey
(Agents Records, DV 1-4 & DVHS)    
G.I.S. Mapping Charlene Coppedge-Link
Abstracting Alicia Chavez
Submission of Protest Documentation Bridget Young or Karen Cabello
Appraisal Review Board (ARB) Activities Yoli Saenz
  Rosemary Maroti