Taxpayer Liaison Officer



Responsibilities of the Taxpayer Liaison Officer:

The Taxpayer Liaison Officer “shall administer the public access functions required by Sections 6.04 (d), (e), and (f)” of the Texas Property Tax Code, “and is responsible for resolving disputes not involving matters that may be protested under Section 41.41” of the Texas Property Tax Code.  Local Board policy requires formal complaints to be filed in writing.

Section 6.052 (b) of the Texas Property Tax Code indicates that the Taxpayer Liaison Officer “…may provide information and materials designed to assist property owners in understanding the appraisal process, protest procedures, and related matters.”

Contact Information:
T. Murphy
3000 N. Austin Street
Seguin, Texas 78155

By email @
By phone @ 830.303.3313
By fax @ 830.372.2874