Active Surveys

Active Surveys

Market Sale Confirmation Survey

The quality of our valuation models depends on the confirmation of market sales activity. On a quarterly basis, we generate and mail out Sale Confirmation Surveys based on the discovery of changes in ownership via recorded deeds. Texas is a non-disclosure state which means property owners are not required to provide details on their recent acquisition of real property. Therefore appraisal districts rely on the voluntary participation of property owners or fee-based third party vendors to obtain data on market based transactions.

If you have recently purchased real estate within Guadalupe County, we ask you to considered completing a sale confirmation survey. The information provided is considered confidential and not viewable to the general public. The data collected from these surveys are used in a sale ratio analysis to determine whether our valuation models accurately reflect the current market activities of buyers and sellers. When statistical observations within our sale ratio analyses are found to fall outside acceptable ranges, calibrations are applied to the universe of properties subject to the analysis.

Completed surveys can be returned to our office via email (, fax (830.372.2874), regular mail, drop box or in person at either office location.

Our goal is to provide the property owners of Guadalupe County fair and equitable valuations. We thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation in that effort. Feel free to contact our staff anytime to discuss questions or concerns you may have regarding your property or this survey.

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Customer Service Survey

If you have recently required assistance by our office staff members, please consider completing our Customer Service Survey. The feedback we receive is reviewed by our management team and, when necessary, used to address those instances where we may have fallen short of our mission.

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