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Notice to Public


May 26, 2020

Please be advised, office lobbies in Seguin and Schertz remain closed to the public, at this time. Plans are currently being discussed to open the lobbies in a limited capacity to assist property owners. We ask the public to be patient as we finalize the protocols necessary to ensure the safety of all parties. Our staff remain available to assist property owners by telephone, email and fax. The drop box is available outside our main office entry way for those needing to submit an application or any other documentation. Please see our listing of email addresses under the Contact Us: Departments tab found along the top of our home page. Informal hearings are currently underway through telephone, email and our E-File online portal. Reaching our office via telephone can be difficult at times due to high call volume during this period. Email remains the best option to reach a staff member at this time. If you would like a staff member to call you back, please provide a good contact number and time in the email for our staff member to contact you.


May 19, 2020

For property owners that have filed a protest through the E-File Portal, please be patient as our appraisers work through the +/-950 remaining accounts. They are working them based on the protest creation date. Currently, as of this update, they are working protests submitted on May 1st. As we begin to increase our telephone and email appointment options, the number of appraisers designated to work these accounts will be reduced, at times, to no less than three (3).

Although we will not be holding in-person informal hearings this year, we will be offering in-person formal hearings with the Appraisal Review Board (ARB). Property owners or their representatives have three options to attending an ARB hearing; teleconference w/ affidavit, written affidavit, or in-person. The recently provided Attorney General Opinion, KP-0307, dated May 8, 2020 affirms the property owners' right to "appear in person at a protest hearing". Please be advised that this pertains to the formal hearing, not the informal hearing. That said, we will begin holding in-person ARB hearings on Friday, June 5th, and continue from there on out. As we re-open our office to the public for this purpose, we will ask those attending a hearing adhere to the recommendations of local health advisors. These recommendations are provided with the intent of minimizing the exposure to and transmittal of COVID-19. Adherence to these recommendations are requested for the best interests of all involved. Once finalized, in the coming weeks, we post them here on our website and our entry way bulletin board.

Our Schertz substation office is still closed at this time. We are tentatively expecting to open this office, again in a limited manner, the week of June 1st. Protocols for access by the public will be finalized and posted in the weeks to come. Please check back here for updates as they are made available.

As always, we appreciate the cooperation of the public as we manage the rights of property owners, during this period of the property tax calendar, with the health and safety of those we employ and those we service.


Deadline Approaching for Notice of Protest Submission

MAY 13, 2020

Please be advised, the deadline for majority of property owners to submit a timely 2020 Notice of Protest is this Friday, May 15th. Submissions through regular mail, email, or fax must have a postmark or time stamp of midnight May 15th to be considered a timely protest. Our onsite drop box will be emptied at 8:00 am Saturday morning, May 16th.

There are accounts that will have deadline dates post May 15th. These accounts were held back from our original notice runs of April 10th. The deadline date for those accounts will reflect a date 30 days from the indicated 'Date of Notice' found on their 2020 Notice of Appraised Value.

If you have any questions concerning the timely deadline date which applied to your account, please contact our office at gadprotest@guadalupead.org.



May 5, 2020

Property owners who have received a request, by our AG Land Department, to submit an application for agricultural valuation have been granted an extension. A letter from our office was mailed out this past Friday, May 1st, notifying those property owners who have still not submitted an application. In response to the current health emergency, the Chief Appraiser has granted a 30-day extension for submitting a timely application. Section 23.54(d) of the Texas Tax Code provides the Chief Appraiser the authority to extend the deadline for reasons of good cause. The issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic, for many within our community, over these past 6-8 weeks is just such a qualifying cause for exercising this option.

Please be advised, if you have yet to submit the application, the new deadline is Monday, June 1st. If an application has not been submitted at that time, impacted property owners will receive notification of 'failure to submit' and removal of the special valuation. Property owners who miss the June 1st deadline may submit a late application for special appraisal if it is filed before the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) approves the appraisal records. The ARB will typically approve the appraisal records by July 20th of any given year. Be aware, if a late application is filed and granted, the property owner is still liable for a penalty for the late application equal to 10 percent (10%) of the difference between the tax if imposed at market value and the tax imposed at the agricultural productivity value, Texas Tax Code Sec. 23.541(b).

If you have any questions, please email them to Jason Herrera jherrera@guadalupead.org or Robin Baker rbaker@guadalupead.org.



The Guadalupe Appraisal District Board of Directors and staff welcome you to this site. The philosophy of the Guadalupe Appraisal District is to provide a free flow of information that shall educate and inform the property owner and citizens relative to its role in the property tax system. Within the site you will find general information about the property tax system, as well as a portal for searching parcels in the Guadalupe Appraisal District. The portal is updated monthly to provide users with accurate, usable and up-to-date information.

The Guadalupe Appraisal District appraises property for the area of Guadalupe County. The District serves twenty-two jurisdictions listed below:


  • York Creek Water District (YCW)

Mission Statement
The mission of the Guadalupe Appraisal District is to achieve equalization among all classes of property by maintaining the highest standards in appraisal practices and law, guided by the goals of providing quality service to the public, developing high-performance employees and by creation of automated programs to expedite work flow, all oriented toward the highest ethical standards and transparency relative to professional appraisal practices.

The Guadalupe Appraisal District retains membership in the I.A.A.O. (International Association of Assessing Officers), as well as the T.A.A.D. (Texas Association of Appraisal Districts).

We encourage users to contact our office at 830.303.3313 if additional assistance is needed, or if users wish to offer improvements to this site. If you are experiencing problems with this website, contact pmeyers@guadalupead.org.