Welcome To the Official Website of the Guadalupe Appraisal District!

The Guadalupe Appraisal District Board of Directors and staff welcome you to this site. The philosophy of the Guadalupe Appraisal District is to provide a free flow of information that shall educate and inform the property owner and citizens relative to its role in the property tax system. Within the site you will find general information about the property tax system, as well as a portal for searching parcels in the Guadalupe Appraisal District. The portal is updated regularly in an effort to provide users with accurate, usable and up-to-date information.

**Notice to Public***

Our staff appraisers are in need of the public's assistance in gathering current market conditions data for use within the upcoming reappraisal process. Those individuals actively leasing or managing investment property within Guadalupe County are asked to consider taking a moment to complete our short surveys. Visit our 'Active Surveys' webpage through the information dropdown menu above or simply click here.
Participation by the local public within our surveys is extremely helpful. Our Income Approach to Value models are developed and calibrated annually based on the data we are able to gather. Local market participants are the best source of information followed by industry publications. The fall back on industry publications are they typically reflect conditions of a major metropolitan city. Therefore the potential for data reliability to lessen, as representative of a local market like Seguin, increases.
If you have any questions or concerns relating to our surveys, please contact our office 830.303.3313 Option 1 or by email at jtovar@guadalupead.org.

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